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      My name is Anthony.  I am a Tucson Plumber and a Tucson native as well. I have lived here for 41 years - which is all my life.  Being born and raised here,  I have learned a lot about Tucson's hard water problem and total disolved solids found in Tucson City, Metro, Marana, Oro Valley, Cap, Vail, And Well Water Resources.  I am extremely well educated from Pima Community College and possess a degree in Hydrology and Water Filtration. My Specialties are not limited to the following: Water Filtration, Swamp Cooler Repair, And Basic Plumbing Repairs, And Services.

       In addition to this, My Plumbing knowledge consists of Irrigation, Fire Protection, Water Treatment Systems, And Service Plumbing.  I have worked for the best and largest Plumbing Companies in Tucson, Az.  Being that I  acquired the Plumbing trade at a very young age,  and mastered the Plumbing "know how", and codes, I am 100% confident that every customer is satisfied before I leave their home, or they do not pay. I have found myself accumulating and incorporating more and more experience through reputation in the field.  Having started out in the new construction trade for plumbing, 23 years ago, I learned how to plumb from the ground up.  This meant learning all plumbing phases including: Gas, Rough - in, Top out, Trim and Finish.  So I have Plumbed new houses from the ground up.  I  studied Business Management At Pima when I was attending classes previously in my life to learn more about how to operate a business. I had an extreme passion for plumbing and had expressed an interest at an early age growing up. The Construction and economy fell off at near the same time.  I was tired of getting laid off and underestimated by the superior individuals who failed to recognize my skills and plumbing techniques.  As a result of this,  I decided to express an interest in opening up a Plumbing business in 2002.   I possess 13 years on my own and growing, and 10 years with other companies, which include construction plumbing and service plumbing work.

     I have a wonderful family and am an honest man.  I am self-motivated and strive at accomplishing success.

       Customers recognize who I am as a person, not a Plumber.  Even Though my work ethics are flawless, my reputation in Tucson, Az is near impeccable.

Consumers know how to locate me, and have acknowledged the fact that I am no ordinary Tucson Plumber. 

I am a hard working young man, that is devoted, committed, and dedicated to pleasing my customers so they are satisfied, and will call again for repeat business.

A large percentage of my cliental is based off of repeat customers that have used my plumbing services in the past. Those receive discounts and are well appreciated for the word of mouth as well. Thank you all for using ASG Plumbing services for your home plumbing repairs and installs. For those who have yet to experience my Qualifications and skills, you may someday find yourself content with my pricing and ability to do whatever it may take to please you all. Thank You Tucson for using ASG Plumbing.

- Anthony ASG Plumbing (520)-351-2787    


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